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Who is Gifted Child Magazine for?

  • If you’re after a shallow parenting magazine full of ads, with the aim od merely amusing you and selling you stuff, Gifted Child Magazine is not for you
  • Gifted Child Magazine is for parents who wish to foster their child’s talent
  • Inside you find the real-life stories that will move you and inspire you
  • Inside you find practical advice and to-do action lists to help you motivate yourself and your child, and live the life that is a whole level stronger, wealthier and happier
  • The Magazine contributors are parents, children, coaches, educators, and experts –
    Dr Alex Davidovic, Professor Lori Flint, Dr Deborah Ruf, Dr Regan
    Foust, Jennifer Chantrill, Dr Henry Borenson
  • Gifted Child Magazine is highly interactive – with videos, audio materials, downloads and apps that are built into the Magazine

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