Books for Fingerstyle Guitar
(Standard Notation)

To fast-track your learning to the point when you can easily play complex melodies quickly, these books are more than books. Each one is an entire course comprising:

  • Music scores
  • High-quality studio-made audio files, and
  • High-definition videos demonstrating the pieces and the techniques at normal speed, and step-by-step.

[Book 1] Nursery Rhymes and Christmas Carols

Featuring: Little Miss Muffet, The Wheels on the Bus, London Bridge, Old MacDonald, Three Blind Mice, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wee Willy Winky, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rock-a-bye Baby, Where is Thumbkin, Jack and Jill, Row Row Row Your Boat

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[Book 2] Beginner’s Course

By the time you finish the book, you’ll be able to read the sheet music, hold the guitar properly, apply the picking and strumming techniques, and play the beautiful tunes that everyone loves to hear.

Featuring: The First String, The Second String, The Third String, The Fourth String, Santa Lucia, The Fifth String, Henry Martin, Morning has Broken, The Sixth String, After the Rain, The Waltz, Russian Traditional, French Traditional, Quare Bungle Rye, The Mulberry Bush, Sur Le Pont D’Avignon, Lilli, Malaguena

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[Book 3] Traditional English Songs

Learn to play the following traditional English songs: ABC Song, A-Roving, Barbara Allen, Blow the Candles Out, Drink to Me with Only Thine Eyes, English Country Garden, English Folk Song, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Gently Johnny, My Jingalo, Golden Slumbers, It’s the Same the Whole World Over, Long Long Ago, Lord Randall, Rolling Home, The Golden Vanity, the Last Post, Trafalgar horn and Vive La Compagnie.

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[Book 4] Christmas Carols Volume 2

Lean beautiful tunes for the classical guitar from all over the world: A la Nanita Nana, A Maiden Most Gentle, Alle Jahre Wieder, Als du kamst zur Erde nieder, Am Weihnachtbaum die Lichter brennen, Angels We Have Heard on High, Arre Borriquitto, Christ Was Born On Christmas Day, Come All Ye Shepherds, De herdetjes lagen bij nachte, Der Hierland ist begjern, Dormi Dormi Bel Bambin, Drive the Cold Winter Away, Fum Fum Fum, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Guten Abden, schon abend, Hoe leit dit Kindeke, Ihr Hirten Erwacht, In Midnight’s Silence, In ’t Stedeke Nazareth, In the Fields of Frost and Snow, Infant Holy, It Came upon a Midnight Clear, Joulupuu on rakennetto, Leise rieselt der Schnee, Los Peces en el Rio

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[Book 5] Traditional Irish Songs

Learn to play the following traditional songs: Avondale, Bantry Girl’s Lament, Black Velvet Band, Cockels and Mussels, I Know Where I’m Going, Jug of Punch, Lilliburlero, Seven Drunken Nights, Soldier’s Joy, The Banks of the Roses, The Bard of Armagh, The Foggy Dew, The Gentle Maiden, The Green Glens of Antrim, The Irish Washerwoman, The Lilting Fisherman, The Maid Behind the Bar, and The Minstrel Boy.

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[Book 6] Nursery Rhymes Volume 2

Learn to play the following great tunes: A Tisket A Tasket, Aiken Drum, All the Pretty Little Horses, Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, All through the Night, Boom Boom ain’t it Great to be Crazy, Camel Hump Funny Bump, Coulter’s Candy, Do You Know the Muffin Man, Do Your Ears Hang Low, Frère Jacques, Git Along Little Dogies, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, Hot Cross Buns, Little Green Frog, Mexican Hat Dance, On the Bridge of Avignon, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Sweetly Sings the Donkey, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, The Banana Boat Song, The Farmer in the Dell, The Galway Piper, The Old Gray Mare

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[Book 7] Nursery Rhymese Volume 3

Learn to play the following great tunes: Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Danny Boy, Goodbye Old Paint, Hush Little Baby, It’s Raining it’s Pouring, Lavander’s Blue, Li’l Liza Jane, Mary Ann, Michael Finnegan, Molly Malone, My Ma Gave Me a Nickel, Old King Cole, Pretty Little Dutch Girl, Sakura, Sakura, Scarborough Fair, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Shenandoah, Sing a Song of Sixpence, Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw, Snake Dance, The Campbells Are Coming, The Kerry Dance, The Three Ravens, Turkey in the Straw, We Falorie Man, Zum Gali Gali

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[Book 8]
Traditional American Songs Volume 1

Learn to play the following tunes: Beautiful Brown Eyes, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Bill Baley, Blue Tail Fly, Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie, Camptown Races, Careless Love, Carry Me Back To Old Virginny, Colonel Bogey March, Cowboy Jack, Devil’s Dream, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Golden Slippers, Lonesome Cowboy, C C Rider, Clementine, Frankie and Johnny, Little Brown Jug, Aura Lee

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[Book 9] Traditional American Songs Volume 2

Learn to play the following great tunes: Goodnight Ladies, Goodnight Irene, Grandfather’s Clock, Home On the Range, Home, Sweet Home, I Ride an Old Paint, I’d Like to be In Texas, Jesse James, Old Chisholm Train, Old Dan Tucker, Once I Had a Sweetheart, Happy Birthday, Lorena, Nine Hundred Miles, Oh Susanna, Old Zip Coon, On Top of Old Smokey, Yankee Doodle

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[Book 10] Traditional American Songs Volume 3

Featuring: Red River Boogey, Rio Grande, Silver Threads Upon the Gold, Sweet Betsy From Pike, Sweet Genevieve, Ta ra ra Boom de ay!, The Bonnie Blue Flag, The Cowboy’s Dream, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Pay Me My Money Down, Streets of Laredo, Pig Town Fling, The Colorado Trail, Poor Boy, The Cruel War, The Riddle Song, There Is a Tavern In the Town

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[Book 11] Evergreen Latin American Songs

Learn to play the following great tunes: Adios Muchachos, Banana Boat Song, By the Rivers of Babylon, Cielito Lindo, Desde Santa Cruz, El Cefiro, La Cucaracha, Mango Walk, Mary Ann, Matilda, Mexican Hat Dance, Venezuela Folk Song, Brown Girl In the Ring, Cerasee, Choucoune, Dip & Fall Back, Guantanamera, Mama Inez

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[Book 12] Immortal Scottish Songs

Learn to play the following great tunes: Blue Bells of Scotland, Bonnie Dundee, Devil’s Dream, Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, Loch Lomond, Mairi’s Wedding, My Love Is like a Red Red Rose, Orange and Blue, Scotland the Brave, The Campbells Are Coming, The Highland Watch, The Laird o’Cockpen, Hundred Pipers, Annie Laurie, Auld Lang Syne, Comin’ Thro’ the Rye, Flower of Scotland, Henry Martin

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[Book 13] Favorite Greek Songs

Learn to play the following great tunes: A Fishing Boat, Boat from Chios, Irene, O Haralambis, Pera Stous, Strose to Stroma, Tsakonian Dance, Ikariotikos, Gerakina, Karaguna, Sikon (Opa Ni Na Nai), Miserlou, Tin Agapi Mu, Trava Trava, Yerakina

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[Book 14] Fabulous French Songs

Learn to play the following great tunes: Aupres de ma Blonde, La Marseillaise, Nous Dansons, Ainsi font font font, Alouette, Au Clair de la Lune, Chevaliers de la Table Ronde, French Traditional Song, Frere Jacque, Galop, Gloria, L’ Amour de Moi, La Petit Lievre, Le Retour du Marin, Le Roi a Fait Battre Tambour, Savez-vous Planter les Choux, Sur Le Pont d’Avignon

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[Book 15] World’s Best Songs

Learn to play the following great tunes: A La Nanita Nana, Adios Muchachos, Colonel Bogey March, Cowboy Jack, Devil’s Dream, Mexican Hat Dance, Red River Boogie, Scotland the Brave, Sweet Genevieve, Karaguna, Amazing Grace, Aura Lee, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Black Velvet Band, Drunken Sailor, Flower of Scotland, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Fum Fum Fum, Gerakina, Golden Slumbers, Guantanamera, Happy Birthday, Humpty Dumpty, Little Snowflake, Los Peces en el Rio, Malaguena, Sakura, Sakura, Sur le Pont D’Avignon, The Banana Boat Song, The Wheels on the Bus, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Zum Gali Gali

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