Guitar Coaching with FAME Method

Learn to play acoustic guitar, classic fingerstyle, like a pro, the fast and easy way with the FAME method (Fast Acoustic-guitar Mastery by Example) in combination with personal training via Skype.

Until we fill out all the available places, you’ll be training with professor Milan himself!

  • Learn it right the first time, it’s much easier than fixing errors later
  • Music scores, the left-hand and the right-hand techniques… EVERYTHING is way faster and easier with the private tutor
  • 10 hours of intense coaching is all you need to master the sheet music and learn to play Malaguena, Santa Lucia, the waltz and many other lovely tunes.


Your Personal Guitar Master Training

Learn guitar the fastest way: with one-on-one training with professor Milan.

In an orientation session, professor Milan will assess your guitar-playing, the style of music you are interested in and your goal, and create a personal plan for you, followed by 10 one-one-one lessons, each 1 hour long.

Lessons are delivered in our online room.
All you need is an Internet connection and a browser...
...and of course, a guitar!